Debugging JavaScript Performance Issues in a Legacy Codebase

September 26, 2016

or, How Chrome Dev Tools Helped Me Do My Job

It's not every day that I debug JavaScript performance, and typically I'm able to locate the issue with some increasingly focused console.log calls. This time, I had to dive a little deeper and learn how to use Chrome's Profiles tool. It is awesome!

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Debugging with MutationObserver

July 12, 2016

Turns out JavaScript's MutationObserver is pretty useful for debugging

I recently was trying to figure out why a specific element wasn't showing up on the page. The code was from a legacy system making liberal use iframes and a very interesting jQuery plugin that brings the authentic experience of flipping through a paper book to the screen...sort of!

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My Love/Hate Relationship with WordPress

March 10, 2016

WordPress is a great first web technology to learn. Wait, no it's not.

WordPress is amazing. When I started cobbling websites together my professional web development career, I thought it was the greatest thing since, like, PHP.

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Creating Generalized Column Templates in Twig

November 20, 2015

Evenly render a dynamic list across columns, in pure Twig

Columns are such an effective design solution for so many kinds of content that you really can't do front-end web development without them. Lists are one obvious use-case. To make the most of valuable real estate on a desktop screen, you'll probably want to break long lists up into two or more columns:

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